Logo progetto SistemaCo-financed by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and part of the "Industria 2015" (the plan of industrial policy that establishes strategies for the development and competitiveness of the Italian economy of the future) the project called SIS-TEMA, aims to the technological innovation improving the efficiency of the maritime cluster and competitiveness of technology manufacturers and logistics operators, following the philosophy of "sustainable mobility".

SIS-TEMA is the result of a working group composed by RINA and many others of this industry, who have identified the priorities for technological innovation for activities "last mile between the sea and the first mile to ashore". The total investment for the project amounts to € 22.9 million and of these, 10.3 Euro million will be provided by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development. The project, which began on 1st January 2009, was succesfully completed in December 2012.

In the project, IB plays a leading role, alongside to RINA and in the subsystem "SIS-RGLM" (and in particular SIS - SIS and PLS Paperless - VNVP Vehicle Ship Vehicle Port) among the partners there are Ansaldo STS , Centro Ricerche Fiat and Nethun, a company of the Port Authority of Venice.

IB also has promoted, through RINA, the proposition of the solutions developed in the context of SIS-TEMA in the countries of the Danube.

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