Research Projects

Activities include projects under different Programs: Regional (POR, FESR, FSE, etc..), National (PON - MIUR, INDUSTRIA 2015 - MISE, etc.), European (TEN-T, etc.):

  • Anna – Advanced National Networks for Administrations
    2012-EU-21019-S – Part of Priority Project 21
    Anna is a an EU member State driven project/pilot action addressing the wider benefit for MoS operations. The aim is to assist participating national administrations, the EC and EMSA to enable the effective implementation of EC Directive 2010/65/EU in time. IB is involved in this initiative in order to actively support the MIT and the Harbour Masters in the development of an effective and sustainable national Maritime Single Window.
  • Asmara
    The Project ASMARA, part of Smart Cities and Communities and Social Innovation Program(Decree of July 5, 2012 n. 391/Ric.), aims at implementing pilot applications of MIELE technologies, in Bari and Cagliari ports, in a post Directive 2010/65 scenario. All impacts on sea, land and port are considered in the operational flows of (Smart)City-Port ecosystem. The project is co-funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research. Technical activities begin on 1st July 2014.
  • B2MoS
    2012-EU-21020-S – Part of Priority Project 21
    The B2MOS Action is a n innovative study/pilot actions aiming at improving the information exchange between public and private organisations and promoting their operational cooperation to increase the efficiency of MoS. IB is in charge of the assessment of systems and processes for port authorities (In particular PORTIDIROMA - Civitavecchia and Livorno), aiming to exploit the results on other major ports, in Italy and abroad.
  • e-MARCUS (e-Maritime & e-Customs +)
    The aim of the project is to study and analyze the procedures and the exchange of data, documents and information relating to vessels, passengers and goods in a port, to identify methodologies and technological tools that allow the digitalization of the procedures. In particular, the project is focused on the implementation of Customs processes according to Italian Customs regulations (AIDA) and international rules (e-Customs). IB identifies pilot cases for the definition of electronic services in support of the maritime business.
    The common goal of GAINN projects is to support EU Member States’ legislators as well as Port Authorities and shipping companies operating in European countries facing the Mediterranean sea, to comply in a more effective way with new environmental standards.The GAINN projects include actions aiming to analyze and define the best way to supply LNG to the shipping industry. Hence, the projects support the initiatives promoting the distribution and use of this alternative fuel, such as the construction of facilities and adequate port infrastructures, the retrofitting of existing ships, the design and the construction of new ships in accordance with regulatory framework.
  • MIELE - Multimodal Interoperability E-services for Logistics and Environment sustainability
    MIELE project (Multimodal Interoperability E-services for Logistics and Environmental sustainability) co-funded by TEN-T. IB is "Implementing Body" of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (MIT) for the development of an interoperability layer (MIELE MIDDLEWARE) enabling data and information exchange among different ICT systems (Public & Private).
  • Monalisa 2.0
    2012-EU-21007-S – Part of Priority Project 21
    Monalisa 2.0 aims at contributing to a continuous improvement and development of efficient, safe and environmentally friendly maritime transport in the EU by implementation of a series of measures which are also included or are in line with the EU's transport policies. IB shares with all partners the main results and knowledge from the MIELE project, as well as ICT interoperability solutions for the safety of Maritime Navigation (STM: Sea Traffic Management).
    IB is partner of ODESSA project with RINA, the University of Genoa and Seastema and TRIM project with Cetena, DITENAVE (naval technologies district of Trieste) and CNR. Both projects regard the optimization of the energy management of the ship. In ODESSA IB operate on optimizing ship ballast, on the analysis of air conditioning consumption, on heat recovery, on monitoring of weather conditions and CBM (Condition Based Maintenance) activities of the ship.
  • Se@ME: Sustainable e-maritime @assistance for Maritime Employees, Passengers and Yachtsmen.
    The projects scope is to provide innovative ICT services and decision support tools to increase the level of safety with regard to the health service offered on board and the ship automation.
  • Sis-tema
    SIS-TEMA project, co-financed by the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) is part of the program INDUSTRIA 2015, in which IB is one of the leading industrial partners and it conducts research related the dematerialization of bureaucratic processes (paper-less) in the last mile and one-mile sea floor.
  • STM Validation Project
    STM (Sea Traffic Management) Validation Project is the application of concepts developed within MONALISA and MONALISA 2.0 projects, supported by TEN-T network. STM aims to overcome many of the challenges of communication and information sharing between stakeholders in the maritime transport industry by pilot applications testing in the Mediterranean Sea. IB in this project provides technical support to the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport collaborating with cruise companies, port operators and providers of technical nautical services during test-beds (the pilot applications testing). More generally, IB is involved in this initiative to identify systems able to simplify procedures for ships arriving and departing. The goal is the optimization of port services and the implementation of more efficient ship-to-shore communication systems.
  • TRIM
    The project TRIM- Technology and Industrial Research for Maritime Mobility, started in January 2014 as part of the Cluster "Transport ITS 2020" aims to strengthen cooperation between research and industry in the Italian maritime transport and to promote Italian participation in European projects and initiatives. IB is dealing with the on-board monitoring and the analysis of the fuel consumption of the propulsion engines and auxiliaries.
  • Web2Infinity
    The project co-funded by the "Industrial research and experimental development" as an implementation of "Innovation and Competitiveness", Action 1.2.2 . POR CRO FESR 2007-2013, in favor of companies located in Liguria, allowed IB to design a technological development platform which consists of tools, libraries and modules made ​​in-house, for integration of external tools, through which it was possible to make a deep rewriting of many of the applications offered, in order to improve their technical and functional features, configuration flexibility, scalability and ease of use.

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