TH - Technical Hotel Management

Completely integrated into the base platform, the InfoSHIP® shipping technical software Module TH is dedicated to coding, management and purchase of specific Hotel Department' supplies (chairs, carpet, lamps, furniture, panels, ...) within the Cruise & Ferries environment.

The Treeview for navigate and search in the Hotel Items' technical structure is sorted by Ship and Decks, allowing the encoding of each area with its specific items, geographically located.

The most important feature of this software module is the identification and the separate management of hotel item categories in the database. Every item card may contain images as well as technical documentation (supplier item card, maker item card,...) in order to organize in a more precise and efficient way the Hotel Department's technical management.

Besides InfoSHIP software module TH, there is no other standard system that supports the specific requirements of Technical Hotel Management.


The InfoSHIP® shipping technical software WR-WO module is especially designed to support customers in the management of Hotel Maintenance's Issues (Cruise & Ferries ships). It allows the definition and management of the Work Request (WR) flow of the subsequent Work Orders (WO ), with attached final check of performance.

The following entire process is automatically historicized by the system to monitor the feedback times and the execution of what has been required by users:

  • Managing the Work Request issuing flow by the Hotel Department
  • Reply and Work Order Execution by the Technical Department (Deck & Engine)
  • Process Measurement (KPI) to evaluate response times and service levels.

As for TH Module, besides InfoSHIP WR-WO, no other standard software solution is nowadays available on the market, specifically designed to the Technical Hotel Maintenance Process Management.

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