MS - Quality & Safety Management System

InfoSHIP shipping technical software MS Module has been developed to meet the Requirements in terms of Quality & Compliance. The module combines a range of functions that allows to manage Quality, Safety, Environmental and Compliance issues onboard coming under, for example, SMS/OHS 18001, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004/EMAS, ISPS.

MS software module provides full traceability of Hazardous Occurrences such as Incident, Accident/Injury and Near-Misses as well as their Follow up (Analysis, Preventive and Corrective Actions), allowing the full identification and traceability of all the activities carried out and of the corresponding events. Also thanks to incident investigation and analysis procedure, the shipping company may comply with TMSA requirements.

In this way, Maintenance, Purchasing and Quality Control are an integral part of the same system; the relations between them can be mapped, traced and managed, process by process whereby avoiding duplication and redundancy.


  • Ship Certificates & Documents

    This function enables the management and revision of on board Certificates and their control by the shore side.
    The module functionalities, as applied to certificates, may be extended to any other type of documentation (eg SMS procedures).


    InfoSHIP technical shipping software MS Module - Certificates and Documents
  • Safety Equipment Management

    The module covers Safety equipment inventory as well as control and execution of inspections required for single items. The coding of Safety Equipment / Outfitting items enables their cataloguing according to class, family (size) and single item or group of items.
    As an integrated feature, the module meets some of the TMSA Requirements (Tanker Management & Self Assessment).


    InfoSHIP technical shipping software MS Module - Safety Equipment
  • Reporting System Database

    This is especially designed and developed for Risk Management. This area of the MS Module collects information relating to events identifiable as Hazardous Occurences (Incident, Accident, Near Misses) and their Follow Up. At the same time potential nonconformities maybe traced and classified.


    InfoSHIP technical shipping software MS Module - Reporting System
  • showcase-totalmonitoring Certificates
  • showcase-stylo Safety Eq.
  • mo-mobile Reports

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