MP - Maintenance & Purchase

MP Module is the InfoSHIP® technical shipping software application core, dedicated to Maintenance & Purchase, the technical management of the ship.

It consists of a wide range of features, for the encoding and the technical structure of the ship, the creation of the on-board database, the control of the entire maintenance activities, and finally, the supply chain of spare parts, consumables and services and material management (movements, inventory, stock, etc.).

Each object, registered and encoded in the marine software InfoSHIP®, is divided into its components through a graphical treeview, allowing a direct access to machinery cards and related maintenance data.

InfoSHIP® software module MP allows effective management of planned and unplanned maintenance and surveys (preventive and corrective maintenance, inspections). The MP module can be used to organise a maintenance plan, to manage due lists, process inspection check lists, issue requests for maintenance and keep a record implemented activities.

Thanks to this efficient fleet inventory software, users can load and unload the stock directly from work orders, wether they are generated by failure events or from maintenance due dates. Requests for spare parts and consumables needed for the execution of the operation are processed, taking into account multilocation and multistore management, thus optimizing the stocking process and reducing inventory costs.

By implementing InfoSHIP® marine software module MP, the supply chain management, the plant maintenance and the cost control become, through time, contemporary and optimized effects of a proper work organization, allowing the beginning of a continuous mechanism of growth and improvement. MP is a fundamental tool to comply also with TMSA requirements, because through an efficient ship maintenance, the shipowner may demonstrate to safely conduct its vessel and to respect environment.


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