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InfoSHIP® and InfoSHIP®EGO: the shipping software which makes technical, operational, compliance and energy processes more efficient throughout a ship's entire life cycle.

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InfoSHIP the technical shipping management software for maintenance and marine supply chain


Are you looking for a more efficient Fleet Technical Management?

The software InfoSHIP® supports any type of ships and office in the day-to-day operations: maintenance, inventory, purchasing, cost control, rules compliance and dry-dock.



InfoSHIP EGO - Energy GOvernance the software for continuous monitoring of the Energy Cycle on board


Discover our solution to improve the energy efficiency of your fleet!

InfoSHIP EGO® is the system which continuously monitors fleet performance, suggesting personnel on board optimum operational parameters in order to reduce fuel consumption.

  • Aida
  • Carnival
  • CorsicaFerries
  • Costa
  • GNV
  • Marnavi
  • Moby
  • Motia
  • Oceania
  • OttavioNovella
  • PietroBarbaro
  • Elbana
  • Finbeta
  • Mariotti
  • PrimeShipping

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