GFR - Guarantee Claim Process

InfoSHIP® marine technical software GFR is the new module which enables the Warranty Claim management for New Buildings both by the owner side and by the yard/manufacturer.

Basically the system allows the creation, review and closure of a Claim; additionally it is structured so as to classify them, according to a number of variables such as department, priorities, deadlines, machinery type and physical location.

Thanks to a set of reports developed on purpose every cost (service orders to suppliers, manpower, ...) can be constantly kept under control.

Through InfoSHIP® software module GFR it is possible to identify and chose who should be responsible for the Claim, that is to say who will physically manage and resolve it in the system (e.g.: the Owner or the Supplier/Shipyard). The possibility of access to third parties is obviously managed by a careful users profiling, designed so as to ensure efficiency and, at the same time, traceability and confidentiality. Orders, budget and costs are managed within the workflow with materials and manpower used to solve the problem.

As mentioned before, the flow is integrated into the purchasing cycle to allow requests for materials, thus starting a purchasing process, while maintaining clear the information and "matter" source.

As functional significant add-on, the system is able to handle attachments of technical and/or commercial nature, without any problems related to the type of file. Finally the InfoSHIP software module GFR is strongly interfaced with the e-mail system (much more than other InfoSHIP Modules) to automatically send messages to predefined users lists.

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