DSF - Decision Support Framework

InfoSHIP® DSF is the technical shipping software module for operational reporting developed to meet the demands of the market in terms of data analysis and decision support.

DSF operates directly on the data managed by the other InfoSHIP® software modules, providing an immediate and dynamic graphic representation of the information managed on a daily basis by the operators. The module allows to intuitively analyze all data managed by the marine software InfoSHIP® or even possibly from other sources.

It is structured into a set of 'Dashboards' that analyze technical, economic and / or managerial data, covering particular subjects such as purchase requisitions, purchase orders and cost control or, more specifically in the field of technical and maintenance environment, work orders, to final analysis of performance and process management (KPI).

InfoSHIP® DSF software module, which belongs to the Decision Support Systems family, is a tool completely designed and built for the management of a shipping company.

The filters are at the user disposal for a truly dynamic interaction of the data represented. The report can then be exported directly from the module in an excel spreadsheet for further processing or printing.

The goal is allegedly to provide a tool, interactive and multidimensional, in support of decisions.

Different users may have different dashboards to work on. The dashboards are real snapshots which moreover can be used in stand-alone for purposes of presenting results in off-line mode (eg, during board meetings).

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