AI - Audit & Inspection

InfoSHIP® marine technical software AI Module supports the shipping company in the management of internal and external Audits of all kind, allowing the planning, the execution and the follow up of Audits and Inspections for all Ships. Where necessary, every Audit can originate a complete follow up, thanks to the creation of Findings (Observation, Nonconformity and Major Nonconformity) and their subsequent Corrective Action (Ship and Shore side).

InfoSHIP® shipping technical software AI module has been designed with to meet the requirements of all shipping companies, regardless of the type of ship and cargo.

From a practical point of view, InfoSHIP® AI allows to plan and manage any type of audit, vetting and inspection and involves into its workflow both the users onboard and ashore (always according to company policies).

Every transaction is automatically recorded in the system, in order to ensure full transparency and traceability of events and persons involved (creation, closing, opening of finding, assigning corrective action, closure proposals, final acceptance, etc..).

The module can handle attachments and documents, regardless of the file format.

Using this software module, correctly tracking audits of all kind, the company may also comply with TMSA requirements, demonstrating a strong commitment to safety and environmental excellence.

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