InfoPMS IT Modules

The IT modules primarily enable the maintenance software InfoPMS® to integrate with a company’s existing software, such as automation systems, MES, schedulers and logistics-purchasing. Through the dialogue between the different systems, the InfoPMS® IT modules support the technical manager in sharing information with the rest of the company, pursuing efficiency and optimizing available resources.

InfoPMS® suite IT Modules are composed of the following:

  • InfoPMS computerised maintenance management software XC Module - Import/ExportImport/Export
    Allows for communication and synchronization between InfoPMS® and other softwares (ERP, building automation, call center sw, etc..) Through XC the files structure and fields to be imported / exported are defined (via ASCII / XML).
  • InfoPMS computerised maintenance management software SI Module - Standard InterfaceStandard Interface
    Provides charts and programs that have been designed in order to interface InfoPMS® with ERP on the supply and logistics.
  • InfoPMS computerised maintenance management software IA Module - InfoAgentInfoAgent
    Designed to allow users of an organization to receive email notification of specific events, such as the receiving of an order, a request for authorization or the fulfillment of a maintenance activity.

InfoPMS® Modules:

InfoPMS-Base-Modules  InfoPMS-Control-Modules  InfoPMS-Devices-Modules  InfoPMS-IT-Modules InfoPMS-Logistics-Modules InfoPMS-Optional-Modules

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