The solution

InfoPMS® is the computerised maintenance management software that can handle all maintenance activities conducted internally or by third parties, and can also support global service.

InfoPMS® plus provides:

  • Specific attention put into the interface and data input tools. In order to facilitate information, data entry is also available with technology such as touch screen, badge readers, barcode readers, RFID, handhelds, tablet PCs, smartphones, etc., which can simplify the work of the users by limiting the manual data entry
  • Modular and scalable: The InfoPMS® software is modular and highly scalable thanks to a number of features which covers the full range of current and future requests without any particular need for customization.
  • Expertise: IB consultants everyday work exclusively on design and the implementation of maintenance software, cooperating with the customer point of reference and users.
  • Thirty years of experience: its long lasting presence on the market allows IB to capitalize on successes and failures enriching its software solutions and supporting more and more companies towards targets.
  • Technical and functional evolution: new technology is explored and translated into practical applications for the maintenance world, as well as the functional needs of the market.
  • Network of customers. In some areas, IB has contributed to the set up of a network of its customers in order to share their personal experiences with the software solution and organizational processes.
  • Made in Italy: InfoPMS® is an Italian product. IB designs, distributes and supports its solutions combining international quality standards with the inspiration that is characteristic of Italian products.

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