InfoPMS Device Modules

Thanks to the DEVICES modules, the maintenance software InfoPMS® can integrate mobile and touch technologies (smartphones, tablets, touch screens) effectively contributing to the immediate resolution of inefficiencies and breakdowns of plants and vehicles. Thus, technicians may intervene in real time and keep record of the activities carried out with a good degree of detail.

InfoPMS® suite Devices Modules are composed of the following:

  • InfoPMS computerised maintenance management software MO4A Module - Mobile for AndroidMobile for Android
    Enables the registration of work orders in real time (work duration, staff involved, spare parts used, inspections done, etc..) but also of work requests, as well as component rotations through the use of Android® smartphones, tablet or other devices. 
  • InfoPMS computerised maintenance management software MO4W Module - Mobile for WindowsMobile for Windows
    Allows PDA technology to directly communicate with InfoPMS® and to operate on the software. In general, the use of these devices allows you to inventory items, record maintenance and take charge of planned maintenance.
  • InfoPMS computerised maintenance management software TS Module - Touch ScreenTouch Screen
    Thanks to touch-screen technology, the application is easier to use and intuitive: through the bar code of the assigned work, in just a few clicks it is possible to close or suspend individual jobs assigned, print the material packing list to be delivered to the warehouse and immediately access all documentation.

InfoPMS® Modules:

InfoPMS-Base-Modules  InfoPMS-Control-Modules  InfoPMS-Devices-Modules  InfoPMS-IT-Modules InfoPMS-Logistics-Modules InfoPMS-Optional-Modules

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