InfoPMS Control Modules

The InfoPMS® maintenance software CONTROL modules allow users to track the financial performance of maintenance costs by monitoring the progress of work performed by third parties and managing technical activities done and sold to third parties. Through InfoPMS® advanced business intelligence systems users are able to monitor in real time the performance of their plants and suppliers, and analyze the outcomes in order to achieve quantitative and quality targets.

InfoPMS® suite Control Modules are composed of the following:

  • InfoPMS computerised maintenance management software CG Module - Cost ControlCost Control
    Used to monitor the economic trend of maintenance expenses. A subset of the company, such as analytical accountancy can be managed through budgets and economic maintenance estimations.
  • InfoPMS computerised maintenance management software LV Module - Third PartiesThird Parties
    Created for the management of third-party companies that perform maintenance activities at or on behalf of the company, it can manage the entire supplier procurement process, the signature of a bid and the management of single jobs and their work in progress.
  • InfoPMS computerised maintenance management software MI Module - Maintenance IntelligenceMaintenance Intelligence
    Monitors the general efficacy and efficiency indicators of the company, through reports, graphs, management dashboards and analysis.
  • InfoPMS computerised maintenance management software CO Module - Contract ManagementContract Management
    Allows one to manage outsourced maintenance activities or vice versa to monitor the active maintenance contracts concluded with clients, to manage a contract in progress, to generate maintenance deadlines, to issue quotations of activities and to control the item costs up to the issuing of the invoice.
  • InfoPMS computerised maintenance management software CM Module - Compliance ManagementCompliance Management
    Allows one to manage the distribution of internal communication and implications in terms of compliance, both as evidence to be provided to third parties involved in the control and as an useful tool for the complex matter of Change Management.

InfoPMS® Modules:

InfoPMS-Base-Modules  InfoPMS-Control-Modules  InfoPMS-Devices-Modules  InfoPMS-IT-Modules InfoPMS-Logistics-Modules InfoPMS-Optional-Modules

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