Case study ACTV

Case ACTVACTV Venezia The municipal transport company of Venice, with nearly 3000 employees, owns a fleet consisting of over 150 boats (ferries, motorboats, etc..) and 600 buses for urban, suburban and interurban transportation and trams and it carries about 180 million passengers every year. From August 31st, 2012 ACTV is part of AVM, the new holding company of the Venetian mobility, along with AVM (formerly ASM), VELA and Pmv.

The project

Having been a customer since 2001, ACTV started collaborating with IB to manage scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of its fleet, integrating the software with the existing one already used in the warehouse. The software application was later extended to the technical management of the automotive and tramway depts.
InfoPMS® has been fundamental for the management of maintenance processes, because it is able also to monitor the performance of external jobs and the compliance to SLA, to plan workloads of the internal workforce, to administratively and technically manage road accidents, to provide the key indicators required to assess the technical performances and to support the make or buy policies of maintenance activities.

A significant breakthrough in the project was done in 2011 when each workshop was equipped with a touch screen with a bar code. Making intuitive the use of InfoPMS® software while minimizing the burden of data input through the recognition of the work with barcodes, ACTV has succeeded in extending the use of the application to all its employees.
On the other hand since 2012, the ACTV crew has access to InfoPMS® via touchscreen positioned in some of its piers, through which each worker can follow the progress of their request for assistance.

Departments involved

Through InfoPMS® ACTV manages maintenance of lagoon, land and tramway vehicles.

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