InfoPMS Base Modules

The InfoPMS® maintenance software BASE modules allow users to record extraordinary maintenance and to effectively plan scheduled maintenance, preventing downtime and equipment breakdowns, thus optimizing the workload of manpower. The BASE modules are also particularly useful to track and monitor all risk situations in the company and to access and automatically produce safety documentation and digitally record them, complying with regulations in force and reducing paper circulation.

InfoPMS® suite Base Modules are composed of the following:

  • InfoPMS computerised maintenance management software BS Module - InventoryInventory
    Thanks to a graphic navigation interface, all asset information is accessible and manageable from specific treeviews. Each asset can be broken down into its different parts.
  • InfoPMS computerised maintenance management software PM Module - MaintenanceMaintenance
    A maintenance plan can be set to manage a planned or unplanned maintenance schedule for vehicles and plants, to issue the work requests, and register work orders.
  • InfoPMS computerised maintenance management software DC Module - Document ManagementDocument Management
    Allows the storage of documents / files and to link them to InfoPMS® modules. DC is a useful business tool which enables immediate access to all technical documentation directly from InfoPMS®.
  • InfoPMS computerised maintenance management software CA Module - Work Load PlanningWork Load Planning
    Planning and organization of the in-house maintenance department manpower in order to efficiently organize the staff and maintenance activities.
  • InfoPMS computerised maintenance management software QSA Module - Quality, Safety & EnvironmentQuality, Safety & Environment
    Assures the tracking of documents, including certificates, and of the activites performed (risk management, audit, and inspections of the safety equipment).

InfoPMS® Modules:

InfoPMS-Base-Modules  InfoPMS-Control-Modules  InfoPMS-Devices-Modules  InfoPMS-IT-Modules InfoPMS-Logistics-Modules InfoPMS-Optional-Modules

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