InfoHEALTH: Mobile Modules

With MOBILE modules, the user is able to remote access the maintenance software InfoHEALTH® through advanced technologies, thus some technical and maintenance activities may be more easily outsourced.
InfoHEALTH® provides specific applications that allow users equipped with smartphones and tablets to access the application anywhere, enabling them to manage and keep records of the works carried out in real time, with automatic data updating.

Below a brief description of the enterprise asset management InfoHEALTH® MOBILE modules:

  • InfoHEALTH hospital asset management software Module MO - MobileMobile
    on smartphone and tablet the user receives the work order, picks it up or reassigns it to the operations center, and after the implementation, records the activity inputing the operations performed, the spare parts used, the time spent, etc.. MO The module enables the collection of signatures in digital format and facilitates a total paperless management of technical and maintenance activities.
  • InfoHEALTH hospital asset management software Module MOrfid - Mobile RfidMobile Rfid
    is based on operations in real-time and on the integration of RF-ID technology with mobile technology for smartphones. The integration between RF-ID and Mobile technologies enables query, management and data record in Real Time.

InfoHEALTH® Modules:

InfoHEALTH-Core-Modules InfoHEALTH-Advanced-Modules InfoHEALTH-Building-Modules InfoHEALTH-Mobile-Modules InfoHEALTH-Intelligence-Modules InfoHEALTH-Plus-Modules

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