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Is the maintenance software dedicated to public and private hospitals, electromedical equipment manufacturers, and healthcare service companies (technology and energy services companies, service providers in general) that helps maximize efficiency and efficiency In technical management and guarantees the total economic and technical control of maintenance.

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InfoHEALTH® is a software platform composed by more than 20 modules which includes:

  • ASL TO2
  • ASL TO4
  • Croce Carle
  • Cittadella Salute
  • Humanitas
  • Gaslini
  • Asur Marche
  • AO Brotzu
  • Giaccone2
  • Torvergata
  • AO Padova
  • Sol Group
  • Esaote
  • Tecnologie Avanzate
  • Poliedra Ingegneria

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