InfoFACILITY: Intelligence Modules

InfoFACILITY® INTELLIGENCE maintenance management software modules enable the user to monitor in real time the progress of various activities on real estate assets, at the same time, to analyze the results obtained for the achievement of quantitative and quality goals.

Nowdays, the Management has to consider maintenance as a fundamental area to improve the quality of assets management and service providers, to guarantee personal safety and to optimize operating costs.

Below a brief description of the "INTELLIGENCE" modules of the enterprise asset management system InfoFACILITY®:

  • InfoFACILITY Facility Management Software Module MI - Maintenance IntelligenceMaintenance Intelligence
    extracting data from InfoFACILITY® database, it provides a graphical representation of effectiveness and efficiency indicators to monitor the company performance.

InfoFACILITY® Modules:

InfoFACILITY-Core-Modules InfoFACILITY-Advanced-Modules InfoFACILITY Building Modules InfoFACILITY-Mobile-Modules InfoFACILITY-Intelligence-Modules

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