InfoFacility: Core Modules

Core modules of the maintenance management software InfoFACILITY® include all the necessary features to ensure total control of the economic and technical maintenance and technical activities.

Starting point for a correct and rational management of property, plant and technology the "CORE" modules of the enterprise asset management software InfoFACILITY® allow users to manage planned and unplanned maintenance, also carried out by third parties, and follow the stock material purchasing process.

Below a brief description of the "CORE" modules of the platform InfoFACILITY®:

  • InfoFACILITY Facility Management Software Module  BS - InventoryInventory
    allows to define all hospital inventory data, medical equipment and other assets: buildings (property on the building structure and their elements, rooms, fixtures, etc..) and related technological systems.
  • InfoFACILITY Facility Management Software Module PM - MaintenanceMaintenance
    manages the entire maintenance workflow. With PM you are able to define a maintenance plan, schedule a planned or inspection maintenance, issue work requests, record work orders. PM module also manages acceptance tests of electrical equipment, disposals and electrical safety checks.
  • InfoFACILITY Facility Management Software Module DC - Document ManagementDocument Management
    represents the solution for advanced document management via web. DC allows the storage, classification and logging of the documents and the zipping, encryption and physical breakdown of the different files. It also provides an indexation procedure for documents search.
  • InfoFACILITY Facility Management Software Module AP - PurchasingPurchasing
    covers the entire workflow of the supply chain, from the issue of purchasing request for materials or services, to the delivery of the material and fulfilment of performance. AP is a module designed to comply also with the specific needs of companies which rely on maintenance contractors.
  • InfoFACILITY Facility Management Software Module CO - Contracts ManagementContracts Management
    allows to manage maintenance activities outsourced or vice versa to monitor the active maintenance contracts concluded with clients, to manage the contract in progress, to generate maintenance deadlines, to issue quotations of activities and to control cost items and extra.

InfoFACILITY® Modules:

InfoFACILITY-Core-Modules InfoFACILITY-Advanced-Modules InfoFACILITY Building Modules InfoFACILITY-Mobile-Modules InfoFACILITY-Intelligence-Modules

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