InfoFACILITY: Advanced Modules

The maintenance software InfoFACILITY® ADVANCED modules are primarily used to optimize the spare parts and / or consumables stock, integrating the system with existent company applications and to accurately plan and organize the workload of internal manpower. Inspired by these numbers, IB has created solutions that meet actual operational needs in a context characterized by increasing complexity of structures, of assets and technology within processes increasingly technologically assisted.

Below a brief description of the "ADVANCED" modules of the enterprise asset management system InfoFACILITY®:

  • InfoFACILITY Facility Management Software Module MM - Material ManagementMaterial Management
    to manage spare parts and consumables inventory and / or materials in general. MM can handle multiple warehouses and multiple locations also through automatic systems for stock loading and unloading.
  • InfoFACILITY Facility Management Software Module XC - Import and ExportImport/Export
    can parametrically defines the files structure and fields to be imported / exported through an automatic tool for process scheduling, allowing the dialogue and synchronization between InfoFACILITY® and other external applications (ERP, building automation, external software, etc..).
  • InfoFACILITY Facility Management Software Module MS - Short MessagesShort Messages
    integrated with the PM module it enables the automatic sending of requests and / or work orders via email / SMS.
  • InfoFACILITY Facility Management Software Module IT Asset ManagementIT Asset Management
    enables complete inventory, administrative, economic and technical management of IT assets (PCs, servers and any network device with IP address), through the use of appropriate "agent" installed on servers allowing the recognition and the automated management of network equipment and of other IT devices.
  • InfoFACILITY Facility Management Software Module CS - Customer SatisfactionCustomer Satisfaction
    allows to measure the level of satisfaction regarding the quality of service received. The goal is to identify strategies and services more compliant to needs, expectations and characteristics required by the user.
  • InfoFACILITY Facility Management Software Module CA - Work Load PlanningWork Load Planning
    planning and organization of the in-house maintenance department manpower in order to efficiently organize the staff and maintenance activities..

InfoFACILITY® Modules:

InfoFACILITY-Core-Modules InfoFACILITY-Advanced-Modules InfoFACILITY Building Modules InfoFACILITY-Mobile-Modules InfoFACILITY-Intelligence-Modules

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