TERNA selects IB for maintenance management processes


New success for IB, whose maintenance software InfoPMS® has been chosen by Terna for the management of technological systems of the dispatching department of its 12 offices located in different parts of Italy. Terna Rete Italia is the company belonging to the Terna Group that deals with the national electricity grid maintenance and development,

fully respecting the environment and communities. Being an energy transmission operator, Terna Rete Italia safely manages energy flows along 63,500 km of HV lines of the Italian electricity system, ensures the continuity of the electricity supply in the country and is responsible for energy dispatching.

Terna decided to rely on IB for its capability of combining the software solution with consulting support to improve the organization and procedures in maintenance processes.

InfoPMS® users in Terna will be able to manage maintenance plans, preventive maintenance policies and diagnostic activities of the CR / CTI and CNC sites directly via the web, to monitor plant performances through audit reports based on standard or configurable KPIs. 

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