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SOLGroupInfoHEALTH® has become an implementation standard for SOL Group, even in other European countries, for tracking medical gas cylinders and the technical, management and maintenance of storage facilities and gas distribution plants,
Since last year, IB’s technical software, customized to meet the needs of the SOL management and called SOLution, has been used by some major international clients as well.

The solution that SOL group adopted in several hospitals in Italy starting from 2012 proved to be an indispensable tool for tracking and managing the movement of cylinders and for closely monitoring the gas tank expiration dates; the excellent results convinced the management of SOL to extend the project to some important international clients.

Thanks to the Web platform and the use of barcode reading technology via wireless devices, InfoHEALTH® SOLution tracks the entire life cycle of each portable cylinder, always knows their locations, contents and characteristics, and supports the user in purchasing and stocking, contributing to the increase of safety standards in hospitals and to offer more efficient services.Because of all these features, and thanks to the availability of the software in multi-language versions, this year InfoHEALTH® SOLution is likely to be extended to other potential foreign customers.

SOL Group is active in the production, applied research and sale of technical, pure and medical gas, in the healthcare field, in biotechnology and in the production of hydroelectric energy. SOL is a multinational company present in 23 European countries, as well as in Morocco, Turkey, Brazil and India, with more than 600 million euro in revenues and over 3,000 employees.

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SOL Group and InfoHEALTH SOLution

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IB is a 30 year old company specialized in designing and implementing software solutions and Enterprise Asset Management projects.

IB is a 30 years old company specialized in designing and implementing software solutions and Enterprise Asset Management projects.

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Explore InfoSHIP EVO

Explore InfoSHIP EVO

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