X Conference of AARBA

BBS TriesteTITLE: International Conference of AARBA

WHEN: 24-25 June 2016

WHERE: Milano, Centro Congressi Ospedale San Raffaele




IB is promoting the 10th International B-BS Conference again this year , which will be held in Milan on June 24 -25.
The Conference, titled " Changing Behavior to Obtain Results in Security, Quality and Productivity " will demonstrate that a precise and widespread adoption of this scientific method can help companies to develop in their safety, quality and productivity and make a difference between companies that develop a successful business and those who don’t.

This year there are two main topics:

  • Presentations of the experiences of and the results obtained within healthcare companies who adopted behavioral management processes.
  • Detailed analysis on Performance Management in order to demonstrate what will bring out the best in employees and increase the value of the organization that uses it.

IB will be presenting B-BS dataBASE, the new software developed in collaboration with FT&A in order to give maximum support to HSE Manager and Safety Leader in the management of a B-BS process.



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