Inventory Survey

Since the correct identification of assets in the company and knowledge of their conservation and functional state are fundamental for their proper technical management, IB offers its clients the following services in support of its software solutions:

  • analysis of inventory needs and definition of the encoding logic of the assets;
  • inventory survey and its transfer in digital format;
  • digital representation in .dwg format of the architectural and plant survey;
  • completion of the inventory with document scanning, picture uploading and transfer to database, etc..

  • The inventory survey allows to:
    • properly measure the real estate and assets: how many square metres have to be managed, which are the characteristics of the plants managed, etc..;
    • fairly manage spaces and facilities;
    • enhance the assets from the economic point of view and not only;
    • properly plan investments appropriately distributing resources;
    • allocate costs based on the actual property of spaces and facilities;
    • properly plan the maintenance activities;
    • properly plan management activities and quantify the energy efficiency measures eventually required;
    • assess the economic opportunity to outsource the management of the plants;
    • properly measure any warehouse of components and materials in general.
  • The inventory survey covers all types of assets:
    • plant and building elements of a ship and completion of the database inventory, including all technical documentation;
    • the areas of real estate: outdoor areas, the entire complex, the building, the floor, the room;
    • the technical and / or technological elements of construction and plant system, such as walls, fixtures, plumbing, gas and fuel systems, air conditioning system, electrical system, elevators, fire-fighting and security systems, IT technologies;
    • electro medical equipment encoded CIVAB and / or ECRI;
    • surgical instruments that can be located and monitored with the aid of RF-ID technology.

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