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When designing a ship various conditions in which she will have to perform are surmised. They depend on the type of ship, the kind of service and the shipping forecast to sail.
A load master will enable the Captain to make all the possible trials, for the ideal distribution of the load, and for the check of the compatibility of the load condition with the regulations the ship is subjected to, eliminating any possibility of errors in the calculations, and also saving time.
InfoSTABILITAS Plus is a ship software, conceived to facilitate the study of the stability and of the loading any typology the ship.
The Modules of InfoSTABILITAS Plus are:
"Intact Stability ", are for intact stability calculations, Stability booklet (three load conditions sailing and arrival, total six conditions).
"Longitudinal strength". For the longitudinal strength, Load master (verification of the longitudinal sturdiness for the above mentioned six conditions; possible completion of the loading manual, for the loading sequences, and/or other element will be taken into account separately).
"Damage Stability", for the calculation of the stability when flooded, six cases of flooding (previous conditions with a hypothesis of a leak).
InfoSTABILITAS Minor is a simplified version of InfoSTABILITAS Plus. It can endow even old ships with onboard software which can correctly operate on the new operative systems (Windows 95, 98, NT). The construction plans of the hull of such ships are not available often, even being the necessary starting point to realize the mathematical model of the ship, the basis of the direct calculations. The calculations or the drawings of the geometrical elements of the underbody can still be used; from the latter it is possible to derive the data to be used with the method of the interpolation calculation.
InfoSTABILITAS Minor and the use of the interpolation method is due to the limited data availability, which does not allow to create a powerful and flexible tool like InfoSTABILITAS Plus; however, it allows to forward correct information on the longitudinal strengh, and the basic stability criteria (criteria in intact condition and the weather forecast criteria), updated according to the regulations in force. Any particular checks on the stability or to the leak will be impossible, as the ship mathematical model is always necessary in that respect. The programmes can "speak" either in Italian or English (or any other language on request), and a simple click of the mouse changes the language.
InfoSTABILITAS Minor and Plus have been designed in a modular form to allow a high level of customization to satisfy the needs of every Ship-owner, and every type of ship. No limitation exists for the number of installable applicatives. The software are programmed only for the ship for which a license has been granted; furthermore, the files relating to each load condition only take up a few kilobytes (from 5 to about 15), and thus can be easily transmitted via modem between the ship and the technical offices of the shipowner or vice versa. Data can then be analyzed using the same programme, which can be installed where it is needed.
InfoSTABILITAS Plus and Minor come in the 32 bit for Windows 95/98/2000 and XP.

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IB is a 30 year old company specialized in designing and implementing software solutions and Enterprise Asset Management projects.

IB is a 30 years old company specialized in designing and implementing software solutions and Enterprise Asset Management projects.

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Explore InfoSHIP EVO

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