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The software InfoSHIP® for Cargo Vessels (Oil & Chemical Tankers, Gas Carriers, Bulkcarriers, Ro-Ro, Container Ships, etc) consists of 6 integrated modules designed to support the crew and ashore technical staff in daily maintenance management and technical activities, the purchasing cycle and all other complementary operations. Here are some examples of features of the system:

  • Representation of the ship's technical information in a hierarchical structure (Treeview), for easy navigation and a rapid identification of equipment / components / spare parts and their characteristics
  • Optimization and control cycle maintenance: preventive maintenance management (calendar and/or by runninghours, ...), inspection (technical and safety), corrective (failure, breakdown, ...), on condition, and finally improving (to increase the value of the property)
  • Implementation of solutions to speed up the Purchasing process: price list, consumables catalogue, automatic calculation of the item cost for requisitions, requesting a quote (usable also by the supplier) with Excel, automatic import of quotes, etc.
  • Possibility to attach files of any type or format (Word, Excel, PDF, bmp, etc..), even with a simple drag-and-drop, in order to provide all the necessary information to users, at any point of the process in which they might be involved 
  • Implementation of special processes such as, for example, the flow of the Defect Report (or Average Report)
  • Implementation of solutions in compliance with the requirements of TMSA. Among these, for example, the section of the MS module dedicated to the classification and subsequent management of machinery and critical spareparts 
  • Management of the Ship's Certificate and documents (technical procedures, safety, etc.)
  • Audit & Vetting Module for the planning and reporting of internal audits (SMS, ISO, ...) and external audits (Majors, USCG, PSC, ...), as well as for managing the findings and subsequent follow-up activities (Corrective Actions and / or Preventive). 

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