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InfoSHIP® software for the cruise & ferry industry is composed of eight integrated modules that represent and put into practice the concept of an "integrated system" for the fleet management.
Besides the simple features for managing: basic maintenance, inspection, purchasing, materials, and budgeting and cost control, there are a number of functions and / or modules specifically designed to meet the special needs of the industry:

  • Technical Hotel Module - for the decoding, managing and the purchasing of of specific items for hotel areas
  • Work Request & Work Order - For the management of the maintenance activities of hotel items
  • WR / WO Mobile - for the management of activities and works through Remote Devices
  • Advanced process management of Service Orders implemented by third parties, both when in operation and in dry dock
  • Dry dock module - for the management of the technical and the economic aspects of dry dock works
  • Management of the Materials Landing process
  • Reporting System Database - for the management of Hazardous Occurrences (Incident / Accident / Near Miss), regarding both the crew and passengers, with the possibility to implement and document the follow-up and consequent corrective actions 
  • Audit & Inspection Module - in order to plan, report and manage different types of findings (nonconformity, remarks, observations) and the subsequent follow-up 
  • Compliance Module - dedicated to the management of the distribution process and sharing of information (updates, procedure changes , etc.) among users of the company. Designed to ensure the traceability of notification events, also considering the "Change Management".

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