IB operates also in Airports with work and asset management solutions for land-side, ie passenger terminal, roads, parking and other facilities open to the public and to the air-side, ie the flight infrastructures such as the runway, aprons for aircraft, fittings, the control tower, etc.

Our software solutions allow the user to:

  • Keep track of maintenance performed and of planned preventive maintenance
  • Manage maintenance teams, planning their works and estimating staff required for
  • facilitate the management of third party relationships, allowing every contractual aspect to be monitored
  • Keep track of the technical documentation of the equipment and make it available to everyone involved
  • Control costs, manage the budget, and measure technical (eg OEE) and economic performance
  • Automatically produce and register the Material Safety Data Sheet (PSS, Work permits, etc.)
  • Track plant breakdowns, including technical analysis in order to reduce potential accidents / breakdowns
  • Control of plants know-how, share information, facilitate change management
  • Ensure the management of consumable and spare parts and maintain proper supply.

IB Offer in Infrastructures

  • InfoPMS® software for Asset Management
    software for Facility Management
  • InfoTOD for the management of the obstacles to air navigation
  • Inventory Survey of real estate and assets

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